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Your window repair and replacement specialist

27 Alnod, Broad Walk,

Tattenham Corner,

Epsom, Surrey, KT18 5TR

Affordable, professional door and window repairs for Banstead, Epsom and Surrey

Experiencing problems with your windows? It’s unlikely you’ll require full-blown window replacement. Most of the time, window repairs will be the most viable and economical solution. In fact, most problems with windows, doors and conservatories can be quickly fixed at a cost far below that of door or window replacement. On this page we’ve looked to go into some detail on the range of window repairs we offer the Epsom, Banstead and wider Surrey areas.



Our Repair Services


Door and Window Repairs – Window Doctor can provide clients around the Epsom and Banstead areas with a broad range of door and window repairs, including double glazing repairs. These can have your windows and doors back looking and functioning as good as new at a fraction of the cost of full on door or window replacement. Every aspect of a door or window can be replaced bar their frame, including…



  • Broken and Worn Handles
  • Misted and Broken Glass Sealed Units
  • Broken and Discoloured uPVC Panels
  • Corroded and Seized Locks
  • Seized and Broken Hinges
  • Worn Gaskets
  • Broken Letterboxes
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Repairs for Conservatories – Our team also provides the Epsom, Banstead and Surrey areas’ with fantastic window repairs and window replacement for conservatories. If a window pane has cracked or misted up, or if the room is too hot in summer and too cold in winter, then we can help you get it back to being an enjoyable year-round space.


Window and Door Examination – It may be that you require your windows and doors examined for insurance purposes, or merely because you’re curious as to their condition. Our Epsom based team can give you a detailed run-down of your windows’ and doors’ health. If we find anything troubling, we’ll explain to you the issue and make suggestions for rectifying the problem. You can then decide if you’d like us to carry out window repairs or window replacement; we won’t carry out work without permission or push you to make an immediate decision.


Thermal Efficiency Improvements – Keep down your energy bill and do your part for the environment by improving your home’s thermal efficiency. Single-glazed windows are relatively inefficient, and many old doors aren’t up to the task of properly insulating a property. If you’re a home or business owner around Banstead, Epsom or the wider Surrey area, it’s really worth considering how to keep your house warm and cosy during winter, and prevent your bills from spiralling out of control. Installing double glazing and a thermally efficient door can save you a significant sum in the long term.


Security Upgrades – Concerned about how secure your Surrey home is? Let us assess how to improve it. This could be replacing single glazed windows with double glazing, or perhaps carrying out double glazing repairs on a compromised/cracked unit. We can also replace your doors with durable, highly safe models if you so desire.


Conservatories – We’re able to provide and fit replacement glass and polycarbonate roof panels for conservatories. If a window or roof panel in your conservatory has broken, be sure to call us right away. Otherwise, a spot of bad weather could leave you up a creek without a paddle!


In Epsom, Banstead or wider Surrey and require any of the above door or window repairs? Pick up the phone and call 07410 544 732.

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